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A storytelling website to reimagine startup financing in India

A funding firm’s website plays a large role in influencing startups looking for capital. While Blume, a Venture Capitalist firm, had compelling stories to showcase, its website did not stand out against its competitors. The ask was to refurbish their website to showcase stories of Indian entrepreneurs that Blume had helped bloom. Through the website they wanted to establish trust, portray their thought leadership in the domain, and define their area of influence in backing and building startups. Also, unlike conventional VC firms, they wanted a young and fresh UI that would appeal to millennials.

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A striking tabloid structure to grab the eye

Unless the narrative is strong, the essence of a story is lost on an audience. In this case the narrative was supported with a tabloid format that augments the storytelling and grabs the attention of the reader. Bold typography and crisp copy lent a substantial foundation to the make the storytelling more impactful.

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A clever UI designed for user centricity

The website was designed keeping the target audience, young entrepreneurs, front and centre. While the bold elements hold the user’s attention, the clean typography, modest colour palette, and judicious visual hierarchy, help the user seamlessly go through the content with speed and ease. Important content and elements were highlighted to enable quick scanning by a busy user.

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An authoring platform to share insights

What’s worth mentioning is that Blume not just funds startups but nurtures them through different stages. To the extent that the founders wanted to share their thoughts, learnings, and insights with the website users. To this end an authoring platform is being designed where blogs by the founders of Blume will be featured.

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Rapid Prototyping

Time taken (Design Delivery)

3 months

UX Design Process

Key Processes

Information Architecture, Domain knowledge acquisition, Moodboards, Usability Testing

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Our Role

Design Strategy, Concept Building, UI UX, Experience Design