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Rural India deserves effective UI design too

Mahindra Rural Housing Finance, a microfinancing major focussed on rural India, wanted to expand its customer base but a jargon-heavy, cryptic, and cluttered website was coming in its way. To address the unevolved rural folk, MRHFL needed a mobile-friendly website that loads quickly and conveys all finance options and benefits rather clearly. We achieved that by redesigning a site which is optimized for faster load speeds, has an intuitive navigation and easy-to-digest content for rural personas.

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Accessible content aids higher discoverability

In our UX audit, we noticed high visitor drop-offs on mobile devices. So we designed the website to load faster on mobile for slower connections. We displayed key RTBs in up-front testimonials from real customers. Jargon-free simple language to explain application process, product benefits, and FAQs further made MRHFL’s proposition more discoverable among rural audiences. To top that, the new dashboard helps track one’s loan application and repayments in real-time with intuitive notifications.

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UI design driven by user persona

Rural Indian audiences resonate better with visuals than information. So we made sure that the visual design is more relatable to them. A light grey background, bright yellow highlights, and use of impactful mix monochromatic and coloured photography helped achieve that. Subtle yet crude line illustrations paired with simple yet self-explanatory iconography further bolstered connections with rural audiences. Clarity and stronger connections with user personas are sure to drive more lead conversions.

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Intuitive forms to avoid drop offs

While we made sure that the content was easy-to-understand and navigate through, getting people to drop a lead was another daunting task. So we created an EMI calculator, which is so intuitive that it compels the audience to keep going. As opposed to forms on competitor websites, the EMI calculator on MRHFL’s latest website is more humanized and mimics natural language in first person. It doesn’t bombard the users with too many fields, or overwhelm them with too much terminology and industry jargon.

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Rapid Prototyping

Time taken (Design Delivery)

6 months

UX Design Process

Key Processes

Usability Testing, Secondary Research, Heuristic Analysis, Information Architecture

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Our Role

Information Architecture, Experience Design, Content Architecture, UI UX