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Clever UI UX design to make users want to learn

Harappa’s vision to pioneer skill-based online learning in India was largely dependent on the platform that it used. A platform with which, it wanted to target academia and professional businesses and sell its online courses based on learning 5 habits that aid professional and personal transformation. Screenroot dived into the Indian online learning market, audited competitor products, and understood user challenges via primary research. Only to sculpt a unique yet intelligent website via constant user testing, iterative design, and dissecting user personas.

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Engaging UX based on proven theories

We built the platform with the sole objective to engage users. The user journeys were designed to motivate users to keep learning and solidify those learnings. We applied certain industry-leading UX guidelines like Preto’s principle, law of similarity, Miller’s law, and Fitt’s law to boost usability and effectiveness. Even the UX of the media player (Learner Player) has been built upon sound principles to ease discovery, increase engagement & consumption, and provoke competition.

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Young and bold UI with a touch of corporate

It was challenging to keep the UI young and refreshing while making sure it reflects professionalism. Our UI specialists took inspiration from the brand’s identity (logo), which rendered into a minimal design website with content flowing from top to side v/s top to bottom. Harappa stands for strength and fluidity. The UI reflected a bit of both with cut-out images, sharp lines, and easy-to-the-eye animations (motion UI).

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UI/UX innovations that boost usability

A richer learning experience. That’s what the Learn Player and the user dashboard was designed to offer. For instance, the Learn Player (where learners can consume content), allows users to take tests and exercises. The player also provides learners instant feedback. Users can in fact answer these tests with interactions like dragging-dropping, recording audio or video, or even uploading a file. The metrics, insights, and relevant content shown on the post-login dashboard are chosen, laid out, and designed to push users to take more courses.

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Rapid Prototyping

Time taken (Design Delivery)

10 months

UX Design Process

Key Processes

Usability Testing, Secondary Research, Heuristic Analysis, Information Architecture, Domain knowledge acquisition

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Our Role

Concept Building, User Journey mapping, Experience Design, UI UX